My choreography is a system of tools that are sculpturing time and constructing the space. Hence my work spans from the constructions of machinery on stage towards persistent intentions to stretch time physically. By stretching time till its limits, I want the audience to experience the density of time passing, to feel it just like one can only “feel” time in real life.

I’m interested in construction of different realities and the possibility to influence our normal perception of time. I’m constantly searching for an imaginary component that would displace the audience from the reality of black box theatre into a virtual space.

In the last two years, I have conceived of and created work based on cinematographic mechanisms and certain concepts derived from visual art. The idea was to apply them to the medium of choreography.  I wanted to extract the specific way of working with space and the relationship between image and sound from fine arts, as well as the specific sense of time that is being used in cinema. I believe that borrowing certain techniques and methods from visual art will enrich the medium of dance with new means of spatial and temporal perception.



I’m a 29 years old Russian dancer, performer and choreographer, who is from time to time a photo or video artist, a film maker in dreams and sailor in the reality. I made my first movement of the body when I was 8. In the age of 15 I became a professional dancer under the guidance of Lev Shulman in one of the basements of Ekaterinburg. Later I moved to Moscow, where I started to train my body to perform in Sasha Pepelyaev’s “Kinetic theatre”. Meanwhile I graduated from psychology faculty of Moscow Pedagogical University. And in 2006 I decided to become a choreographer. In 2007 I took my first prize at Moscow Dance Festival “Tsekh’7”. And in 2009 my body and mind moved to Amsterdam. In a four years I graduated  from SNDO (Theaterschool / Amsterdam School of Arts). In 2012 I have felt a strong need to be surrounded by cothinkers. Soon after this “Recollective” (a group of Estonian-Russian-Dutch artists ) was born and settled in Amsterdam. SInce 2013 we are working on the translation of  visual art concepts, cinematographic mechanisms and literary techniques into the dance field.

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