Date of birth, place: 07.08.1984, Yekaterinburg, Russia



2015 – DasArts, Master of theatre, Theatreschool. Amsterdam School of arts.

2009 – 2013 SNDO, Bachelor of Dance (BDa), profile: choreography, Theaterschool. Amsterdam School of Arts.

2000 – 2005 Moscow Pedagogical University, BA in psychology.

1997 – 2002 Yekaterinburg Contemporary Art Centre, school of contemporary dance.


Since 2002 working in Kinetic theater by Sasha Pepelyaev (Moscow)

“The Moscow-based contemporary dance company Kinetic is an independent artistic association based on doubts, assumptions and convictions. Artistic credo of the group is based on few movements: Movement of human body, Movement of objects, Movement of space, Movement of thoughts inside the brain inside the human bodies, which move surrounded by objects in space, which has been set in motion once. ”

As a performer Olga also participated in performances by Olga Pona (Yekaterinburg, Russia); Anouk van Dijk (Amsterdam, Holland); Deborah Hay (mass piece for 35 dancers, SNDO); Benoit Lachambre (Snake charmer’s ball, Artist in residence 2012 for SNDO).

FESTIVALS / as a performer

Springdance Festival (Utrecht, Holland); OFF Europa (Leipzig, Dresden, Germany); Golden Mask(Moscow, Russia); New Baltic Dance (Vilnius, Lithuania); TSEKH(Moscow, Russia); International Festival of Arts and Ideas (New Haven, USA); Potsdamer 15.Tanztage (Potsdam, Germany); Bolzano Danza (Bolzano, Italy); ADF (Durham, USA); Bienalle De Lyon (Lyon, France);Homo Novus (Riga, Latvia); Drama Festival (Tartu, Estonia); Uus Tanz (Tallinn, Estonia); Holland dance (Den Hague, Holland).Dance theater workshop (New York, USA).“IT’s – 2000” (Amsterdam, ND); Transit ( Koln, Germany); Tancplantacia (Yekaterinburg, Russia).Opposite movement (Moscow); Salto! (Malmo, Sweden); Dansescenen (Copenhagen, Denmark).


2015 “Moments”, Meyerhold theatre center, Moscow (in collaboration with Mikhail Durnenkov and Vladimir Gorlinsky)

2014 “Orchestra Rehearsal”, director Andrey Stadnikov, Taganka theatre (Moscow, Russia)

2013 “REPOSE”, Frascati 2, Amsterdam (in collaboration with Alissa Shnaider and Renzo Van Steenbergen)

2012 “End of forest”,  Het Veem theatre, Amsterdam (in collaboration with Alissa Shnaider and Renzo Van Steenbergen)

2012  performance “30 minutes” for and with Provincial Dances Theater, inside the project “Tanzkriptsiya” ( Ekaterinburg, Russia).

2011 Solo performance “NORD FOG”, SNDO III festival, AHK

2010 Solo performance “Never turn your back to the bear”, SNDO I festival, AHK, Amsterdam.

2008 Collaboration with Co’Stuff project. ”In’No’Sense”. Co-producers: TSEKH (Moscow), Kanuti Gildi SAAL, (supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia).

2007 “None of your business” Moscow project with support of Dance Agency Tsekh.

2006 “Isn’t it?” Yekaterinburg collaboration project.

2006 “In between the wings”, performance for students of Humanitarian University, department of contemporary dance, Yekaterinburg (Russia).

FESTIVALS / as choreographer

TSEKH(Moscow, Russia); International Non-verbal Theater Festival “Personal profile” (Moscow, Russia); The Tallinn Culture Days in Moscow (Moscow,Russia); “Different format, Second autumn season”. Another theater festival (Tallinn, Estonia);  Cinedans 2011 (Amsterdam,Netherlands); VideoDanzaBA (2011, Argentina); Why Not #4 (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Perestroyka (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Priority company Aerowaves, Spring Forward ‘ 14 (Umea, Sweden); International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy ’14 (France).


laboratory, composition, contemporary dance workshops

Summer dance school TSEKH (Moscow, Russia); Humanitarian University, department of contemporary dance (Ekaterinburg, Russia); Contemporary dance week courses (Samara, Russia); Dance School “5 dance” (Moscow); Choreography Lab on body and sound (International Art Festival of Northern cities “Parallels”, Norilsk); Summer dance school (Vilnius, Lithuania).


2012 – 2013  Hanny Veldkamp Grant; Internationaliseringsfonds (AHK)

2011 – 2012  Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting

2010 – 2011  The Wilhelmina E.Jansen Fund


João Fiadeiro, Jeremy Nelson, Sasha Pepelyaev, Sybrig Dokter, Jennifer Nugent, Rachid Ouramdane, Istok Kovach, Gill Clark, Wally Gordona, Fiona Millward, Maria La Ribot, Ria Higler, Robert Steijn, Martin Nachbar, Igor Dobricic, Katarina Bakatsaki, David Zambrano, Kirste Simson, Miranda Pennell, Benoît Lachambre.


Russian Dance Theatres Festival TsEKh’07, award “against the flow”, 2007.

photo by Oleg Glushkov ©

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