In the movie 45° I was working on  the idea of changing our notion of reality. We all have clear idea how reality is constructed and we do not doubt our knowledge. I was interested in playing with perception of spectators, changing their conception of reality through framing and shooting.

How everything can still be fine, if there is irregular gravity, a black hole, which sucks us in and leads to nowhere?



Directed & Edition by Olga Tsvetkova.
Performers: Andrius Mulokas and Olga Tsvetkova.
Camera: Marina Colomina.
Music: Amon Tobin.
Crew: Clara Amaral and Esther Arribas.
Thanks to Miranda Pennel, Ward Ten Voorde, Maria Ines Villasmil, Susan Youssef and Eric Van Den Broek.

2010 SNDO

Film 45° has been selected for Cinedans, dance on screen festival 2011,Netherlands and Festival VideoDanzaBA 2011, Argentina.

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