Parallel reality

In the short movie about frigate “Shtandart” and its crew I was interested to touch the general human values. How do we live our life? What is it about? The ship by itself it is a perfect representation of our society, the small world with its own rules and laws. It’s a parallel reality, a place, where people come in order to make a pause in their real lifes. The young people come to join the crew not only because of the sea, adventure and the romantic spirit of it, but also because it’s a possibility to disconnect from everyday life, it’s a way to understand yourself more deeply.
There is something bigger besides the stunning beauty of the XVIII century replica ship. It calls us to come back. Rejection of everyday reality? The language we all share while living in different places of the world? The Russian soul?

CAST crew of “Shtandart”:
Andrey Ignatenko, Dina Mamedovna, Dmitriy Zhitnukhin, Natasha Shatrova, Anna Yanchuk, Anton Sudakov, Anna Sachivko, Inga Jautakyte, Mark Stain, Artem Vladimirov, Vladimir Vladimirov, Olga Tsvetkova, Oksana Khaydenko, Petr Levchenko, Alexander Panov and the captain of ‘Shtandart’ Vladimir Martus.
voice  Elnara Shafigullina, Igor Iofe, Anna Yanchuk
guitar  Mateusz Pulawski
accordion Elnara Shafigullina
drums  Dmitry Strelianny
bass guitar  Malte Regah
SONG ‘Piratskaya’ by Anna Yanchuk
CAMERA  Olga Tsvetkova ,Vladimir Martus, Andrey Ignatenko and Inga Jautakyte
Katarina Rejger, Eric Van Den Broek, Yannis Kyriakides, Ward ten Voorde, Jurre Haanstra, Said Gani, Ben Zijlstra and Vladimir Martus.

SNDO 213, Amsterdam

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