Performance “30 minutes” is devoted to the general Soviet dream of conquering space and time, associated with the exploration of outer space and penetration deep into limitless universe. During the performance actors are constantly moving from one time to another, trying to destroy discrepancy between actual time and personally desired, sometimes hovering between two realities. They create their own time, which has no past and no future value.

The performance as a machine of time, where the change of light – a portal to another dimension, and sound – proof of the natural travel in time and space.



directed by – Olga Tsvetkova

performers – Provincial dances theater: Kseniya Stepanova, Katya Savelyeva, Oleg Stepanov, Kseniya Mikheeva and Vladimir Golomolzin

music – Boris Grebenshikov and Michail Chekalin

assistant choreographer – Natasha Fedotovskikh and Olga Sevostyanova

Thank you to – Tanya Gordeeva, Sasha Pepelyaev and Provincial dances theater.

made inside the project “young makers” or “another Provincial dances”

Ekaterinburg 2012

photos by Maxim Loskutov and Igor Zhuk (c)

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