poster by Inga Jautakyte

“Nord fog” is a performance – illusion, a long and twisted, spiritual path to yourself, performed by one human being and a wooden owl on wheels. The whole piece is a recollection of intimate fears and personal disorientation, a projection of forgotten nightmares and unfulfilled desires. In a bare space there is somebody (an idea, a phantom, a dream thought), staying undefined and unattainable, therefore lets don’t talk about him or her or it. Этот спектакль посвящяется всему, что со мной не случилось и всему, что никогда уже не случится. You are welcome on the track of unknown. Приятного просмотра.



Idea/choreography/performance – Olga Tsvetkova and the owl
advisors – Igor Dobričić and Ria Higler
music – extracts from Einstürzende Neubauten

SNDO 2012

photos by Nellie de Boer ©

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