It’s a very complicated system of traps and all of them are deadly. Every footstep transforms into something else, every movement is being retained by the space. I do not know what happens here, when humans are away, but if only people appear here, everything starts to move. Every shape starts to communicate to you. The safe places become impassable and the way one moment is simple and easy, the other turns to be insuperably complicated. Previous traps disappear, the new ones emerge.

In the performance “REPOSE” our main interest was based on the translation of certain visual art materials into the dance field. We wanted to extract a specific way of working with space from fine arts and the relationship between image and sound, as well as the specific sense of time that is being used in cinema.

concept Olga Tsvetkova;

directing / choreography Alissa Šnaider, Olga Tsvetkova and Renzo Van Steenbergen;

sound artist Renzo Van Steenbergen;

advice Katerina Bakatsaki, Jeroen Fabius and Sander Blom

thank you  – Vladimir Simic, Aaron Schuster and Robert Steijn

SNDO 2013

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